Meditation Retreats

1 Day/ 3 Day Meditation Retreats

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Going along its vision of spiritual awakening, Vishva Niketan peace and meditation centre organises meditation retreats throughout the year. This is a programme where people from all walks of life meet. Retired workers, housewives, school-leavers, unemployed youth and the like come together to reflect on the perspectives and life styles that a lay person should be mindful of to ensure they face their day-to-day life successfully. Alternative ways of how to reach our life goals are also discussed. The retreats are organised in a way both the beginners to meditation as well as the experienced practitioners who wish to go into deep meditation reap benefits simultaneously.


During the one-day meditation retreats which are held monthly, meditation is introduced as a means of bringing peace, tranquility and happiness into the lives of people belonging to any nationality, religion or caliber. The participants practise loving kindness meditation (Metta bhavana) and mindfulness meditation (Ana pana sathi bhavana),  which encourages social harmony and self awareness at all times.

The three-day meditation retreats are held once every three months and during these programmes, Vishva Niketan provides highly convenient and appropriate residential facilities as well as hygienically prepared vegetarian meals within the premises. Therefore, prior registration of participants for these programmes is important for the smooth allocation of facilities. The retreats are conducted by very experienced practitioners, either lay or ordained. The programme usually begins in the evening with participants observing the eight precepts and conducting a Bodhi Pooja ( paying homage to the sacred Bo tree) . Throughout the retreat, a variety of meditation practices are introduced and mastered and the participants are guided to gradually progress to the advanced stages at their own space . Instructions are offered to anyone as and when necessary, therefore both beginners as well as the experienced are similarly benefitted by these retreats. The training and discipline obtained through these retreats can be leveraged on to experience life at a more meaningful, conscious and deeper level. Currently there is a high demand for longer retreats such as ten day programmes. Vishva Niketan intends to fulfil this wish in the near future with the support of like-minded people to organise, sponsor and maintain the activities.

Any interested party can choose to sponsor a meal for the participants or make donations as convenient for the continuation of these retreats. For more information on how to participate, please contact the Vishva Niketan Peace Centre.

At this retreat, learn techniques to help you: 

– Be more happy and satisfied
– Improve your health
– Achieve your spiritual goals