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āyubōvan Vishva Niketan was established close to Sarvodaya Headquarters and was meant to
give a spiritual impetus to those who are working with Sarvodaya.
Vishva Niketan Healing the mind, Healing society and Healing the environment Kutis Our four buildings known as ‘Metta’ (Loving Kindness), ‘Karuna’ (Compassion),
‘Muditha’ (Altruistic joy), and ‘Upekkha’ (Equanimity).
Vision A place dedicated to spiritual awakening, Vishva Niketan welcomes anyone
who wishes for the well being of all sentient beings.

It has been established in the firm belief that enduring peace can only be attained when individuals achieve inner peace – cessation of conflict within themselves. In creating an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity close to nature, it aims to awaken people to their inner spirituality so that they may return to the world beyond to create constructive change.

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Holistic approach to Healing the Mind, Healing Society, Healing the Environment

Peace Garden

The Peace Garden has three elements – the Sand Garden, the Water Garden and the Meditation Garden.

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Peace Museum

When going through the material available in the Peace Museum, it is well understood how Ariyaratne became a household name.

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Peace Library

Library has around 4,000 books and periodicals of a variety of genres covering philosophy, religion, autobiographies, social science and literature.

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Founders Vision

Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne is the Founder and the President Emeritus of the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement of Sri Lanka, a grass-roots humanitarian organization based on the concept of ‘sharing of labour, thought and energy for the awakening of all’. Sarvodaya has been active throughout Sri Lanka since 1958 despite numerous hardships it has faced over the years.

Born in 1931 in the South of Sri Lanka, Dr. Ariyaratne had his primary education in the village school, secondary education at Mahinda College, Galle, and his higher education at Vidyodaya University. He started his teaching career at Nalanda College, Colombo, and while still a teacher there he took forty high school students and twelve teachers on an educational tour to an outcaste village. During this memorable visit, Dr. Ariyaratne guided his students and fellow teachers along his vision of sharing labour, thought and energy with the villagers and helped them develop their village. This first shramadana work camp marked the beginning of the Sarvodaya Sharamadana Movement.

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Testimonials of World Renowned Personalities

It was extraordinary to visit Vishva Niketan and see the work of Sarvodaya and Dr Ariyaratne. This extraordinary work must reach the critical mass globally and create a new civilization.
Dr. Deepak Chopra
What a beautiful and restful haven this has been for myself and my grandchildren Eliza and Julian. Gratitude ever to Vishva Niketan and my Sarvodaya family.
Prof. Joanna Macy
The work you are doing is magnificent. The lives you are transforming are countless. I am grateful to be part of the Sarvodaya family.
Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith

Awards Received


Records of the life-long, non-violent efforts of the founder of the Vishva Niketan International Peace Centre and the President of the Sarvodaya Movement Dr. A. T. Ariyaratne to develop a new social structure through Sarvodaya are displayed in the Peace Museum.

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