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You may translate your kindness into compassionate action by way of

  • Sharing your precious time volunteering for Vishva Niketan
  • Sharing your expertise in a way that would help Vishva Niketan in its peace work
  • Sharing of your valuable resources to sponsor and sustain Vishva Niketan Programmes to reach persons who are socially and economically in a disadvantaged position


Donations are welcome. Such contributions help support programmes on site and at other locations for those who cannot afford to cover even minimal costs. It is hoped that in the spirit of true generosity you will contribute towards harnessing inner and outer peace within Sri Lanka and the world.

Banking Details

  • Account No: 073010007628
  • Address: No: 72/30, Rawatawatta Road, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.
  • Bank Name: Hatton National Bank
  • Branch Moratumulla
  • Swift Code HBLILKLX
  • Bank Address Hatton National Bank
  • No. 38 Sri Premaratna Mawatha, Moratumulla, Sri Lanka
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