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Vishva Niketan is a centre for peace: a place for all communities to pursue the ideal of inner and outer peace.

It has been established in the firm belief that enduring peace can only be attained when individuals achieve inner peace – cessation of conflict within themselves. In creating an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity close to Nature, it aims to awaken people to their inner spirituality so that they may return to the world beyond to create constructive change.

Vishva Niketan’s unique peace message is succinctly expressed in its mission of healing the mind, healing society and healing the environment. We as individuals have to remember that unless we undergo a transformation within ourselves we cannot contribute to any social transformation. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that each one of us to the maximum possible extent, without being in stress and without overdoing it progressively develop meditation skills. Once we have come to a point where we feel that we can have full concentration of our mind – Samadhi, then we must also remember that if we can get others in our family, in our society and in our groups to join together and have collective meditation that creates a kind of mental atmosphere where social healing using spiritual energy can be practised. Therefore, Individuals must begin with oneself and when stepping into society you can engage yourself in meditation with others. This individual and collective meditational experience could be enhanced when you have an environment like Vishva Niketan where everything – every tree, every plant and every pool of water is designed in such a way that the natural atmosphere is there suitable for meditation and meditators. Therefore, without rushing into jungles far away they can come to Vishva Niketan where individual, collective and natural dimensions blend together to nurture a more peaceful human being, more peaceful society and a more peaceful environment.

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