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3S Spiritual Retreats

Searching the Self – Serving Society – Saving the Environment

This is a signature stress reduction programme of the Vishva Niketan International Peace Centre.

Our lives as human beings are often dominated by ‘doing things’ or ‘fixing things,’ without taking time to experience or take control of the present moment. This results in ‘unawareness’ of what we are doing. As human beings our lives are interconnected with those of other humans, animals and the plant world. When ‘unawareness’ governs our minds, all our actions and decisions will be influenced by it and will negatively impact these connections. It will also keep us from being in touch with our own bodies and how we are affected by our own thoughts, emotions and actions. By cultivating ‘mindful awareness’ we will strengthen our capacity to be in touch with our body and its signals and maintain our mind body balance.

Intelligence is the distinctive faculty which makes humans stand out among other beings. Mind body interactive practice will allow us to explore this faculty in order to achieve our common goal of happiness.

The entire programme encapsulates three themes:

  • Searching the Self
  • Serving Society
  • Saving the Environment

Searching the self

We will learn the art of experiencing moment to moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings and sensations through meditation practices, a body scan exercise, mindfulness exercises including mindful yoga in order to regain the right balance between mind and body. We will acquire the skills to differentiate between wholesome and unwholesome thoughts, feelings and sensations and develop greater resilience in our mind and body.

Serving Society

We will learn the art of strengthening our capacity to respond to stresses and tensions of the people we interact with in our personal and professional lives. We will learn how to compassionately deal with human suffering without getting entangled in the negative emotions of others through universal loving kindness meditation.

Saving the environment

We will learn to appreciate even the little things in nature in order to relax our hearts and minds through meditative reflections with nature and water therapy exercise.

Youth and Adults

This is a programme targeted at youth between the ages 18-35, who have left school and are unmarried and unemployed. Eligible groups for the programme are either selected independently or are based on requests from villages. Helping the youth to build life goals, make short- and long-term plans and identify monetary, physical and spiritual resources required for their plans are some of the objectives of this programme. It also helps them to discover their strengths and weaknesses. They will be introduced to positive thinking, water therapy and meditation techniques that would facilitate a successful life of spiritual development. A lot of attention is given during this programme on how to lead a life free of drugs and alcohol.


Children by nature are active and enthusiastic beings with an eagerness to learn and explore from their environment and life experiences. Present day education is primarily focused on academic achievement with some attention to physical activities and sport. Emotional and spiritual aspects of children, however, tend to receive less attention even though education should ideally integrate intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual development of children. Whilst intellectual and skill development is focused upon learning about the world outside, personal development is focused upon learning about the world within – an area essential for children to become balanced and productive individuals with harmonious relationships with self and others. (based on positive actions and harmonious relationships.

In a society that offers children everything based on materialism and the quest for instant gratification, through “Mindfulness for Children” Vishva Niketan offers children an opportunity to get in touch with their inner selves and their minds with all their hidden faculties, latent abilities and subtle complexities. As they learn to observe their active minds, they come to understand how to develop more focused attention on the present moment. Vishva Niketan offers this non-sectarian program with meditation techniques (whilst taking due care that meditation will not become a burden for children) interactive exercises, games and dialogues to help them deal with very fears and anxieties of childhood and adolescence.

Through an exciting path of self-discovery, interactive exercises, open conversation and shared learning, children will practice and apply powerful principles of the mind, body and heart connection.


Today’s business world is full of worry and stress. We are asked every day to balance the demands of supervisors, customers, shareholders, employees, competitors, family, and our own mind, to make sense. If we are not careful, the goal of “success” can overshadow our most authentic values and turn into profound personal losses even without our knowledge.

Our 24-hour days need not be filled with responsibilities, deadlines, difficult choices and anxiety. If we are open to the lessons each situation holds, we can do more than merely cope with such challenges. The Spiritual Resources for Responsible Corporate Management programme is designed to help busy corporate leaders to develop keen insights into their business community and a sustainable support system for facing challenges. It also provides a platform to develop a deeper self-awareness that helps create effective solutions to deal with any situation that may arise in the workplace.

Meditation and dialogue at the Vishva Niketan International Peace Centre begin with fundamental assumptions: each of us has a mind and a heart. Our physical being is guided by psychological and spiritual energy. If we tap our inner strengths we can find the presence of mind to flourish. Through this programme, with mindful and creative interactions among the leaders of the corporate world, the individuals as well as their organisations can benefit enormously by mastering the skills that help discover resources we never knew we had.

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