Mind Body Healing Programme

Mind Body Healing Programme

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In today’s busy world of complications and complexities, physical and mental stress is part and parcel of the lives of most lay people. At times, managing this stress alone may become overwhelming. Vishva Niketan organises the mind-body healing programme to support such people and show the way to find relief in such stressful circumstances.

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This programme attempts to bring about the realisation that the information we feed into our brain through the five senses and our mind that wanders about out of control are the causes of all problems in our lives. It goes on to discuss how the hopes and dreams we build upon providing excitements to our five senses and the mind have caused us so much stress to the extent of causing many physical illnesses. Different meditation techniques, yoga exercises, music, water therapy and organic diets are introduced during this programme to create better living conditions by reducing these stress factors.

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