Health Care Providers

Health Care Providers



The Vishva Niketan Peace Centre aims to help strengthen the spiritual side of a person from the moment of conception. In this process, health care providers, who regularly meet pregnant mothers and prospective fathers, are considered extremely important. Therefore, Vishva Niketan conducts sessions for these health care providers to make them aware of the significance of their profession and how they can contribute to make this world a better place. In other words, these programmes are a constant reminder to them that all human beings are dependent on them to come into this world making their role in society irreplaceable. It calls for our health care providers to be spiritual beings and continuously spread wholesome vibes such as loving kindness and compassion.


From the moment of conception until the birth of a child, the biggest strength for parents is the health care provider. Through this programme, Vishva Niketan provides them training in the required inter personal relationships, communication skills, time management skills, counselling skills etc. to provide more holistic support to the parents. Most importantly, the health care providers are made aware of the impact of practising loving kindness meditation and mindfulness meditation and during the sessions they are provided with guidance to continue such training.