Corporate Leaders

Spiritual Resources for Responsible Corporate Management

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Today’s business world is full of worry and stress. We are asked every day to balance the demands of supervisors, customers, shareholders, employees, competitors, family, and our own mind, to make sense. If we are not careful, the goal of “success” can overshadow our most authentic values and turn into profound personal losses even without our knowledge.

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Our 24-hour days need not be filled with responsibilities, deadlines, difficult choices and anxiety. If we are open to the lessons each situation holds, we can do more than merely cope with such challenges. The Spiritual Resources for Responsible Corporate Management programme is designed to help busy corporate leaders to develop keen insights into their business community and a sustainable support system for facing challenges. It also provides a platform to develop a deeper self-awareness that helps create effective solutions to deal with any situation that may arise in the workplace.

Meditation and dialogue at the Vishva Niketan International Peace Centre begin with fundamental assumptions: each of us has a mind and a heart. Our physical being is guided by psychological and spiritual energy. If we tap our inner strengths we can find the presence of mind to flourish. Through this programme, with mindful and creative interactions among the leaders of the corporate world, the individuals as well as their organisations can benefit enormously from mastering the skills that help discover resources we never knew we had.