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This is a programme that helps children to cultivate positive thoughts and an optimistic attitude towards life to face their future successfully. It also discusses the roles that  parents and teachers can play to ensure that  children  step out into  society as valuable human beings. The focus is on the spiritual resources required for these parties as well as on how to benefit from one another in this journey.


Children are our future. That future is being moulded today inside schools. How bright that future will be is based on how successfully these children spend their school lives. To help children fulfill their expectations, how to increase enthusiasm for learning, how to improve memory capacity and achieve goals during their school lives are discussed during this programme in detail. This will be an invaluable opportunity for each student to identify their true potential. The programme includes  mindfulness exercises, meditation techniques and yoga techniques -all activities that would be highly beneficial in their studies.

The programme is targeted for school children of ages 11-18 (i.e. students in Grades 6-13).

Some thoughts of a student who participated:

“Never in all my 14 years of existence have I felt this peaceful. I never knew meditation can bring this much of happiness.”

Some thoughts of a teacher who participated:

“There are many obstacles clouding our minds. I always thought it was too difficult to overcome them. But you brought the key within our reach to unlock a happier life by conquering those obstacles.”